When to Call a Plumber

Thousands of plumbers are called out every year to take care of urgent needs, as well as regular ones. Many home owners find themselves worrying more about the cost of the call out than they do about their need for plumbing – and this can often result in more damage, or other unwanted consequences. Knowing when to call a specialist can make a lot of difference and as most will offer emergency services and features, a home owner could save themselves money by knowing when they might need to make a phone call.

Recognising an emergency

If a pipe has burst and the ensuing barrage of water is uncontrollable, then this would constitute as an emergency. Failing to call a plumber as soon as possible might result in irreparable damage. The good thing is that while they are on their way, they may have provided the home owner with advice on how best to stop the burst, by disabling the flow of water.

On the other hand a leaky tap might result in a burst pipe, but this is highly unlikely and in most cases won’t be considered an emergency. If the issue has been going on for months, then it might be worth calling a plumber – but not on an urgent basis. The emergency call out can often feature a separate fee and this is what plenty of home owners are worried about covering.

It’s not just immediate and ongoing problems that could require the need for an expert plumber. There are some instances where a project may need the attention of a specialist, especially when renovating a bathroom, or when installing new water features within a home or garden. In these cases, it’s best to get in touch with an expert ahead of time and schedule an appointment.

This will allow them to come out to a home, evaluate the needs of the owner and then provide a quote – which, in the majority of cases, will be free and without obligation.