What is Modern SEO?

Search engine optimisation, or SEO as it is commonly referred to, is a variety of techniques that can be used to help a company improve its online visibility. It’s well-documented that a website with a greater online presence will typically experience a higher rate of traffic, which can then translate to an increased volume of sales.

Over the past decade, the optimisation field has undergone extensive changes; mainly due to the fact that search engines like Google have grown wise to unsavoury techniques that many practitioners used to promote their own websites. These strategies often relied on tricks like link spamming, keyword misuse and other activities that could be deemed unorthodox.

Back in the day these methods worked like a charm, but these days they are frowned upon by modern optimisation experts. Although still used in dark, unchecked corners of the globe, a good seo provider will avoid these techniques at all costs – simply because of the risk that they can pose to a website’s authority.

Where does modern optimisation come in?

These days, only the most reliable techniques should be used – and these should conform to the strict policies and terms dictated by engines like Google. Instead of relying on spamming links and unsavoury tactics, a reputable expert will instead focus on developing a website’s authority from the inside-out. The methods for doing this are wide and varied, but they can be some of the most effective available to professionals.

Using fresh content, healthy backlinks and a variety of other data that search engines consider highly, it’s now possible for a website to experience a rapid increase in its online ranking, without running the risks associated with black hat tricks. And this is exactly what modern optimisation is – the understanding that search results should be as organic as possible, so when improving the rank of a website; the more natural the growth, the more sustainable the results.