3 Home Renovation Ideas Guaranteed to Improve Your Bathroom

New BathroomBathrooms are often one of the only places within a home that can offer a brief reprieve from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and as a result it should be a priority to maximise the atmosphere that they emanate. Whether you enjoy a quick shower to refresh your mind and body, or if you prefer warm baths to help you to unwind; here are 3 home renovation ideas that can help you to maximise the look and feel of your wash room.

Update your wall tiles

Whether you’re standing up in the shower or laying down in the tub your eyes will undoubtedly be drawn to the walls of the room. Many people overlook the potential for tiles to play a role in the atmosphere of a room, but in reality they are actually one of the main factors. Having your old tiles removed can be a pretty quick project, as can having the wall resurfaced in preparation for a new batch of tiles to be applied – this time with a fresher colour scheme and a more appealing aesthetic.

Think about your sink’s position

The position if your sink or wash basin should always be accessible and offer a good level of functionality, but unfortunately this will only become obvious after putting up with an awkwardly positioned sink for months or years. Fortunately, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t consider moving yours to another location in the room – all that you’ll need to do is have the connections, fittings and water supply relocated, too.

Clear space for wall features

Most modern bathrooms feature some form of storage space, but maximising their position can work wonders for the layout of the room. Whether you want to install wall mounted cabinets, or if you’d like to have storage space established underneath your sink or anywhere else; you may need to clear a little room in order to do so. Keep small walls for sinks and toilet bowls and larger walls for storage and/ or a bathtub and shower. This will help when it comes to moving around inside of the room, whilst keeping everything within arm’s reach should you need a particular product.